'Antiques Roadshow': Woman can't believe heirloom's value

'Antiques Roadshow': Woman Can't Believe Heirloom's Value
'Antiques Roadshow': Woman Can't Believe Heirloom's Value

On "Antiques Roadshow," a woman brought in an oil painting that had been in her family since the 1920s.

It was by Leon Gaspard, and the last time the woman had it appraised was in the 1960s, she assumed it was worth about the same today -- $10,000. But she was in for a shock when she found out it was worth more than seven times that at $75,000.

"What? Seriously? Oh my gosh... now, that is a surprise. That is a wonderful surprise!"

Obviously, she was pleased to find out the oil painting was worth much more than she thought. Gaspard was a Russian-born painter who had a love of foreign cultures and a desire to document them artistically -- and because of his work, he became well known and financially successful.

But it turns out, that painting is on the cheaper end for a Gaspard -- in the last 10 years, his paintings have sold for as much as $2 million!

For those who can't afford the original artwork, there is a cheaper alternative -- posters and reproductions of the Gaspard's work are for sale online.