Struggling coffee shop owner gets generous tip

Struggling Coffee Shop Owner Gets Generous Tip
Struggling Coffee Shop Owner Gets Generous Tip

A coffee shop owner in Spokane, Washington, was truly struggling to keep his business open. Then, an unexpected act of kindness change everything.

Isaiah Crandall says he's been forced to close down his shop numerous times since his wife Tammy was diagnosed with breast cancer last year.

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Crandall: "Things just become very, very tight. Everything. Life is way different when something like this is going on in your life."

But he got some unexpected help from a charity called "Big Table" that helps workers in the service industry. The founder, Kevin Finch, heard about Crandall's story and paid him a visit during lunch ... and left him a little something extra.

Finch: "I planned to come in when I knew he was working. Ordered a grilled cheese sandwich and left the tip."

Crandall: "It was a $500 tip. When something like that comes around, it's absolutely appreciated. I can't say enough for people going through what we are."

He used the money to pay for his wife's treatment and plan a family vacation. Customers have served up pretty generous tips before to help out some hard workers.

This year, one waitress in Los Angeles became the "victim" of what's probably the best prank ever after a fake customer left her a $1,000 tip, a paid trip to Hawaii, a free car and a dream job offer.