Truck crashes into Nashville area Waffle House

Truck Crashes Into Nashville-Area Waffle House
Truck Crashes Into Nashville-Area Waffle House

Diners enjoying breakfast at a Waffle House near Nashville were interrupted when a truck broke through the restaurant's glass doors early Thursday morning. HLN has more.

Luckily no one was seriously injured, but at least one person reportedly suffered some cuts from the broken glass. Austin Carter, a Waffle House cook, tells WSMV what he saw.

'I was watching the whole thing thinking that he was turning into park to get something to eat until I looked a little bit closer and then he just hit the store. Police say the dude was drunk. They've charged him with DUI.'

Police told WSMV another man riding in the pickup ran off after the crash, but they're not looking to charge him.

WTVF tells us the accident clean-up is now underway. 'Workers were out there today boarding up the windows.'

For all you waffle lovers out there, don't worry - the Waffle House will reportedly reopen, although repairs will take at least two days.