Student creates fake college rejection letter to ask girlfriend to prom

Student Creates Fake College Rejection Letter to Ask Girlfriend to Prom
Student Creates Fake College Rejection Letter to Ask Girlfriend to Prom

One high school student might have taken things a bit too far when he asked his girlfriend, Caitlyn Metzker, to prom. The "TODAY" show goes into the details.

'She had just been accepted to the University of South Carolina -- but then she got this note on school letterhead: 'Unfortunately it is clear that your grades are not what they were when we accepted you.'

But The Huffington Post reports what Caitlyn saw when she kept reading.

Hidden in the bottom paragraph, the letter - supposedly from the University of South Carolina - said, 'However if you were to just agree to go to prom with your boyfriend we could reconsider letting you continue to be a South Carolina Gamecock.'

Seriously? Note to all high school students: If you want your girlfriend or boyfriend to continue liking you, this is not how you ask them to the dance. Caitlyn seems to agree.

She tweeted out, 'Oh my god Dylan. Thank you for the heart attack.'

Still, Elite Daily calls attention to all the work Dylan put into the request.

'You gotta give the kid credit for taking the time to craft such an accurate letter. Everything from the heading to the address is so authentic you'd think the kid was training to become a professional counterfeiter.'

Although Dylan probably deserves a good cold shoulder for a week and owes Caitlyn copious amounts of chocolate, we're guessing she did end up accepting his prom proposal. Oh, and that corsage better be epic.