Spirit Airlines tops list for most customer complaints

Spirit Airlines Tops List for Most Customer Complaints
Spirit Airlines Tops List for Most Customer Complaints

A new report has determined which U.S. airlines have the most customer complaints, and the airline at the top of the list is a small carrier you might not have heard of. "CBS This Morning" has more.

'A report says over the past five years, Spirit Airlines got the most passenger complaints. The United States Public Interest Group says Spirit got nine complaints for every 100,000 passengers.'

CBS adds Spirit has three times as many complaints as any other U.S. airline. The report was released Thursday by the U.S. Public Interest Research Group Education Fund.

Spirit ranked far ahead of the pack, but WMAQ notes other airlines near the top of the list included American Airlines and Chicago-based United.

According to USA Today, some of the most common reasons for complaints included flight delays and cancellations as well as increased fees. Spirit Airlines charges its passengers just for carry-ons.

Although Spirit ranks high in complaints about extra fees, it also has lower ticket prices than other airlines. Spirit is hoping its lower prices will help the airline expand. Businessweek points out the airline hopes to triple its fleet within the next seven years.

As for the airline with the least complaints, that honor goes to Southwest.