Late-Night Reacts To Colbert's 'Late Show' News

Late-Night Reacts To Colbert's 'Late Show' News
Late-Night Reacts To Colbert's 'Late Show' News

CBS announced Thursday that Stephen Colbert will take over for David Letterman as host of the network's "Late Show" next year.

Of course, Colbert had something to say about the big news on his current show, "The Colbert Report," Thursday night. "This man has influenced every host who came after him, and even a few who came before him. He's that good. And I gotta tell you, I do not envy whoever they try to put in that chair."

Colbert wasn't the only one with something to say -- his Comedy Central compatriot Jon Stewart chimed in, too. "There is no greater joy than seeing a genuinely good man who works as hard as he can every day, and deserves all the success in the world, actually get that success..."

Then there was Jimmy Fallon. "They're talking about how there's going to be a new late-night war. I just want to say, there's not gonna be any war. It'll be a dance off."

A dance off, and some hazing apparently -- Seth Meyers said he was excited to no longer be the new kid in late night. "So, I'm so psyched now that Stephen will be the new guy, and then I can join in the hazing. I'll get my own jacket. It's very nice. It's a beautiful satin jacket that we all get. But congratulations, and give it up for Stephen Colbert."

And "The Late Late Show" host Craig Ferguson brought it home, welcoming Colbert to the network. "Congratulations, Stephen. A fine edition to the CBS cavalcade of stars."