Dad who has only shaved twice in 37 years gets makeover

Father Shaves Twice in 37 Years, Gets Makeover from Tim Gunn
Father Shaves Twice in 37 Years, Gets Makeover from Tim Gunn

"Project Runway's" Tim Gunn faces one of his bigger projects yet when Rachael Rays asks him to make over a factory guy who has shaved just twice in 37 years.

Ed looked very sweet (if not a bit hairy) before his makeover, and Rachael Ray describes him as 'skinny Santa.'

He's a hard working factory guy, but over the years, "this happened," his wife said with a knowing smile. "He's the guy that you walk by and you clinch your purse a little tighter because of the way he looks, but they don't realize what kind of a man he is ... a family man. He needs to see what's on the outside, too! He's a handsome man underneath that. 37 years, I know!"

He's shaved twice in the past three decades: for his daughter's wedding, and for his sister's wedding.

"Someone else needs to get married, quickly!," Tim Gunn quipped.

When he walked out without all those whiskers and in a striking suit top and jeans, the ladies in his life promptly started to cry. In fact, they didn't want to let him go.

When he saw himself, he just stared and said, "oh my God! What was I waiting for?!" He seemed genuinely stunned. "If I knew I looked like this, I would have done it a long time ago!"