Beyonce accused of photoshopping her Instagram picture

Did Beyonce Photoshop Her Own Instagram Photo?
Did Beyonce Photoshop Her Own Instagram Photo?

There have been a plethora of stories where celebrities claim to be the victims of magazine photoshopping, but it appears as if one celeb photoshopped herself. Beyonce posted two photographs on her Instagram Thursday, and at first glance nothing about them seems off. But upon closer inspection the image look as if someone increased Queen Bey's thigh gap and the uneven contour of her left leg shows possible signs of photoshopping.

Twitter users agree. One user posted, "Really @beyonce? We all love your thick thighs. No reason to photoshop a thigh gap in there." Another wrote, "Quite taken back by the fact Beyonce photoshopped her legs."

We should point out two things: First, I'm sure Beyonce has someone else that handles her social media, and second, She is in a "squat position," and tension in her quads could result in the slimmer appearance and the odd bulges.

If they are, in fact, photoshopped, she must be using that guy who worked for Target. You probably remember the photoshopped swimsuit model with the long matchstick arms and missing crotch.