Woman mugged while discussing Rio de Janeiro's crime on live TV

Woman Mugged While Discussing Rio De Janeiro's Crime on Live TV
Woman Mugged While Discussing Rio De Janeiro's Crime on Live TV

A Brazilian woman was nearly mugged on live television in Rio de Janeiro. "Good Morning America" reports it took place while a reporter was interviewing the woman ... about crime.

'A man comes up and tries to snatch her necklace before taking off down the street, and this happened right outside the police station. Fortunately, she was not hurt.'

Daily Mail notes the woman was talking with RJTV about the lack of police in the area when the attempted mugging happened.

'While the would-be criminal did not get away with the jewellery, he did break the fragile gold chain in his attempt before fleeing across the road into oncoming traffic.'

The reporter tried to chase after the would-be criminal, who raced away before the reporter could catch him.

The RJTV piece shows examples of crime in the area and highlights stealing on the streets before the woman is interviewed ... and then nearly stolen from. Afterward, she shows her broken necklace.

RJTV's Facebook commenters were outraged. One said she wishes the station hadn't blurred the man's face.

According to the U.S. State Department, for the past 25 years, Rio de Janeiro's crime rates have been rated "critical." Incidents of 'robbery, rape, fraud, and residential thefts' are not only high, but they're on the rise.

And sadly, the necklace incident demonstrated the crime problems Rio de Janeiro faces.