Whales caught riding a wave near shore in Oahu

Whales Caught Riding a Wave Near Oahu Shore
Whales Caught Riding a Wave Near Oahu Shore

"Good Morning America" introduced us to a surfer who gets by with a little help from his friends. His very, very BIG friends.

'See those are humpback whales riding a wave in Hawaii. Now, dolphins do this all the time, but whales? Not so much. The mother, we think, may have been keeping an eye on her wayward calf.'

KHNL discussed how rare the sighting was. 'A lifeguard said they've never seen whales come so close before.'

The photo was taken by J.T. Gray of North Shore Surf Photos Saturday on the north shore of Oahu and was later posted on the Facebook page for conservation group Ocean Defender - Hawaii, where it has now been shared more than 5,000 times.

The surfer in the photo is actually six-time world bodyboarding champion Guilherme Tamega, seen here riding a wave in 2013.

For some reason, we don't think Tamega was too upset about having to share the spotlight Saturday.