WATCH: Dutch reporter falls into the water while interviewing mayor

WATCH: Dutch Reporter Falls Into the Water While Interviewing Mayor
WATCH: Dutch Reporter Falls Into the Water While Interviewing Mayor

We all secretly love seeing news reporters screw up ... and this reporter from Holland made quite the blooper. Here's "Good Morning America."

'There's this Dutch reporter on a ship, she's walking over to interview the local mayor there. But when she reaches for a rope -- oh!!!! She loses her balance!'

Yeah, we couldn't stop laughing either. But the reporter was a good sport about it and even posted the entire thing on YouTube showing that after she fell in, her camera crew lowered the boom microphone down to her so she could still report. The show must go on!

The International Business Times says the reporter was filming a promotional video for an Easter festival held in the city of Kampen, but many are quick to point out the whole thing could have been a setup.

A reporter for Gawker wrote: 'Sure, she could have slipped into the water-through that conveniently open gate-at the best possible moment in a promotional video, but post-Kimmel cynicism says it's unlikely.'

And E! called attention to the fact that she 'never stops staring at the camera. What a weird world we live in that fake viral videos are now a legitimate way to promote an event. And what a weird viral video this is to promote an Easter music festival.'

Either way, it's pretty funny. What do you think? Totally unfortunate or an attempt to trick us?