The world's favorite number is ...

The World's Favorite Number
The World's Favorite Number

Kids are often asked, "what's your favorite color?" and "what's your favorite number?" But one math blogger got asked the latter question so many times, he decided to turn the tables and find out if the world actually does have a favorite number.

Alex Bellos, author of math books like "Grapes of Math," asked people to provide their favorite number and within a few weeks he had more than 30,000 responses. Half of the submissions were between the numbers one and ten.

He published his findings on The Guardian, announcing that the number seven is the world's favorite number. It may just be random, but Bellos feels that if you look at history it may be something deeper than chance. Apparently, the seven "obsession" began in ancient times, and shows up in history more than any other number.

In case you're wondering, Bellos found the world's least favorite number is 110.

Bellos's new book "Alex Through The Looking Glass" investigates our psychological responses to numbers. The book is on sale now.

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