Texting driver runs into police car

Texting Driver Runs Into Police Car
Texting Driver Runs Into Police Car

A police officer in Midwest City, Oklahoma, is safe after police say a distracted driver slammed into his car. "Good Morning America" has the dash cam video.

He was 'nearly plowed down by a driver who was texting behind the wheel. The officer was on a routine traffic stop and thankfully, look at him, jumped out of the way just in the nick of time.'

According to police, the driver who ran into the officer's car was driving in the same lane as the traffic stop. Police say the woman driving did not see the police car while she was allegedly texting.

Luckily, the officer wasn't hurt. The city's police chief told KFOR the officer might have saved himself from injury by parking with his tires pointed toward the road.

'In this particular case, that's probably what saved his life or prevented him from being hurt, because when she crashed in the back of the patrol car, it shot it at an angle instead of going straight. By the grace of God, we're lucky we didn't lose an officer that day.'

KOKH reports the police car and the car that ran into it were totaled. Both the driver responsible for the collision and the person the officer had pulled over were taken to the hospital for minor injuries.

The driver was ticketed for distracted driving and faces a nearly $300 fine. Texting while driving in Oklahoma is only illegal for drivers with learner's permits and intermediate licenses.

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