New Dove experiment unlocks beauty within

New Dove Experiment Unlocks Beauty Within
New Dove Experiment Unlocks Beauty Within

A new Dove experiment reveals the true power behind feeling beautiful, and it's captured in a new short film called Dove: Patches. The "Today" show has more.

'They invited 10 women to wear a patch for two weeks that they told them would make them feel more beautiful.'

Dove's campaigns often center on women's struggles with self-esteem, especially with exposure to the high-tech editing features often used in the media.

Dove showed that editing in its short film "Evolution," made to "expose the unrealistic expectations of beauty."

For this latest experiment, Dove and psychologist Ann Kearney-Cooke joined together to 'unlock a powerful feeling of beauty that lives inside all women.'

Kearney-Cooke asked 10 women to wear a beauty patch called RB-X for two weeks. The patch was supposed to enhance the way they perceived their own beauty.

The women were told to keep a video diary of how they felt day-to-day, and when the two weeks were up they met with Kearney-Cooke again. When asked about their experiences wearing the beauty patch on their arms, many said it was a "life-altering experience."

The women were then asked if they wanted to know what was inside the patch. Of course they said yes, and they were very surprised to learn that there was NOTHING in the beauty patch. They said it was "crazy" and "empowering."

When the "Today" show anchors asked Kearney-Cooke what she took away from the study, she said, "It's very clear that beauty is a state of mind."

Jennifer Bremner, Brand Building Director of Skin Cleansing for Dove, says of the "Patches" video in Mashable:

'We hope to inspire all women and help change the way they see themselves.'

So don't you forget: You are beautiful!

Check out the full video here