Neb. students take unexpected swim before prom

Neb. Students Take Unexpected Swim Before Prom
Neb. Students Take Unexpected Swim Before Prom

Talk about a prom night to remember.

A group of Nebraska students taking prom pictures took an unexpected swim before making it to the dance, and KTIV was one of the first to cover it.

"All that weight on the bridge caused the group to take a dip into the White's four-foot deep pond behind their house."

"Minus a few scrapes and a ton of wet tuxes and dresses, the group made it out with no serious injuries."

A few damp spirits aside, the students still made it to Pierce High School's prom.

But the next day one student tweeted what happened. As you can imagine, that picture went viral.

Now, if you're thinking you've heard this story before, that's because you have. Basically the same thing happened two years ago to a group of Wisconsin students.

NBC reported, "This dock just couldn't take the weight of all these dolled up Wisconsin high schoolers and then you can see it gave way. One student said the girls were screaming and the boys were laughing."

We're sure the Nebraska bunch will be able to look back and laugh at their experience too.