Playground toxins cause school evacuation

Playground Toxins Cause School Evacuation
Playground Toxins Cause School Evacuation

Update: 7News Denver reports that shreds of "approximately six' habanero peppers were found in the wood chips on the playground, and contact with the pepper oil would explain many of the kids' symptoms. The school district is not sure how they got there, or whether it was intentional.

A school in in Lakewood, Colorado, is closed due to harmful toxins discovered at its playground. HLN has more.

'A hazmat crew had to spray down some students after they came into contact with something toxic on the playground.'

Jefferson County Open School evacuated its students and staff to a nearby church Monday after people began to be affected by an irritant. KUSA reports: 'Crews had to decontaminate 30 of the students as well as the teacher's aid after they reported symptoms similar to an allergic reaction.'

According to HLN, at least 6 students and 1 teacher have been sent to the hospital to be checked out.

Those affected were reportedly complaining of eye injuries, skin irritation and general pain.

Madison Delude, 8, told KCNC about her experience.

'They were crying and like ... their eyes were all swelled up. I was kinda glad to get out of the school because I didn't want it to happen to me.'

Hazmat crews say the irritant came from outside the building and is difficult to follow. HLN reports firefighters have ruled out pepper spray and fertilizer but the source of the toxin is still under investigation.