Collapsed shelves bury people at dollar store

Collapsed Shelves Bury People at Dollar Store
Collapsed Shelves Bury People at Dollar Store

Products literally flew off the shelves at a New York discount store. But as "TODAY" reports, it's not what you think.

'Eight people were hurt when packed shelving units collapsed at a dollar store. The collapsing shelves created a cascading effect, burying people under piles of merchandise.'

'Some of the victims here suffered broken bones.'

None of the injuries are life-threatening, but the situation did frighten shoppers at the Discount Outlet. First, people heard a 'thunderous noise' when the shelves began to come down. At one point, a woman was reportedly screaming, 'help my children!'

The New York Post reports when firefighters arrived, they began moving the merchandise out of the store by hand. The deputy chief said they removed shelving, too: 'We also had to remove that very [gingerly] to make sure nobody was trapped under the debris.'

City officials were on the scene, checking other shelves and making sure everyone was safe.

As WCBS reports, city officials confirmed the topple occurred because the shelves were holding too much merchandise. No word on when the store is expected to reopen.