Bob Saget reveals 'Full House' stories (and bad behavior)

Bob Saget Reveals 'Full House' Stories in New Memoir
Bob Saget Reveals 'Full House' Stories in New Memoir

Bob Saget, probably best known as the straight-laced Danny Tanner from "Full House," stopped by the "TODAY" show to talk about his 'dirty' new book.

Titled "Dirty Daddy, The Chronicles of a Family Man Turned Filthy Comedian,' it chronicles Saget's life as a father and comedian, and mentions some behind-the-scenes stories from that famous sitcom.

MATT LAUER: 'It had to be a little like 'Animal House' with Dave Coulier and John Stamos.'
BOB SAGET: 'And literally animals. We had anything you aren't supposed to work with, we had there. We had goats going to the bathroom on buckets.'

And what about working with all those young kids?

The Inquisitr says Saget wrote about having to change Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's diapers on set a time or two.

But Saget also writes about some of the less-appropriate antics he got up to on set, saying he was even called down to the producers' office a time or two. Apparently he had no idea that cameras were on in most of the dressing rooms and different sets.

And according to Daily Mail, Saget described the show as a "beautiful Jekyll and Hyde experience."

'Being silly helped us survive a super-clean-cut show that at first mostly got panned but then in retrospect became part of family-television humor.' Daily Mail notes that some of his antics included drawing private parts on scripts, throwing a cup of coffee onto a wall of high voltage light switches and getting a little sexual with the fake dolls that stood in for cast members. Uh, creepy much?

Later, the Olsen twins would admit that they were aware that some things going on around them weren't entirely wholesome ... though they never actually understood the jokes.

Another very un-Danny Tanner moment apparently came after a birthday scene for a character. Saget writes that some cast members "got high" on Whip-its, inhaling the nitrous oxide from a can of whipped cream meant to top a cake.

And finally, those rumors about Saget once sleeping in the same bed with Stamos? They're totally true -- he says it happened one night in Vegas after an evening of drunken debauchery.