Twin polar bear cubs at Munich zoo named Nela and Nobby


The cubs were born late last year, introduced to the world last month and, on Monday, were given names by their godparents. And as the photos above of the cubs frolicking in their play area will attest, they are beyond cute.

According to CBS News, they were named Nela and Nobby, in keeping with a rule that all animals born at the Hellabrunn Zoo in Munich, during 2013 must be given names beginning with the letter 'n.' The twins were born on Dec. 9, 2013, HuffPost Canada reports, and their births were captured on video so zoo employees could watch the momentous occasion from the birthing den.

The cubs' names were chosen by their godparents, the Daily Mail reports, and though they were born some four months ago, were just named Monday because their godparents took time to deliberate over the monikers. According to the Daily Mail, Nobby is named after his godfather, famed wildlife photographer Norbert Rosing. When little Nobby grows up, he'll be called Norbert. Meanwhile, Emanuel Clemm, the owner of a coffee company, chose the name Nela as a tribute to his late aunt Cornelia.

The adorable twins live with their mother, Giovanna, seen playing with them in the above slideshow. But the trio lives separately from the cubs' father, Yogi, who was temporarily relocated to another zoo, the AP reported last month.

Raw: Twin Polar Bear Cubs Named in Germany
Raw: Twin Polar Bear Cubs Named in Germany