The 'good cop' pullover prank

Good Cop Pullover Prank
Good Cop Pullover Prank

As part of Break's 'Pay It Forward' week, they pulled over random strangers and handed out $100 bills for positive behavior.

People were so stunned that they didn't know how to react. The first man pulled over was speechless after he was told he was being applauded for making "a complete stop, and you are a safe driver. Because of that, $100 for you, sir."

The next guy was "wearing a seat belt. I appreciate it. This is for you." That man could only say "really?!" and stare.

The third driver was "driving, not talking on [his phone.]" When he was handed his $100, he thanked the officer and drove away with a huge grin.

The woman below thought it was all a big joke. She almost didn't accept the money at first.

The reactions just get better and better!

The video, uploaded just after April Fools' Day, has already gotten over 2.5 million views.