Military kids give impromptu performance of national anthem

Military Kids Give Impromptu Performance of National Anthem
Military Kids Give Impromptu Performance of National Anthem

Military children stationed in Spain with their families gave an impromptu performance of America's National Anthem.

The kids were at a local movie theater when they were asked to stand for the National Anthem.

That's when they started belting it out.

The video poster (a woman named Hannah who manages a before/after school program) explained:

Patrons are asked to stand for the National Anthem before a showing in our local movie theater. Today we took 40 children to a matinee. Our children (ranging from 5 to 12 years old) will stand, then without being asked, belt out our National Anthem with their hands on their hearts.

It gives you chills to see patriotism like this displayed in youth at such a young age. Our kids know what it is to have daily sacrifices for our country. They know no other life then the one they have, but they are happy children living happy lives.

On YouTube, the comments section was overflowing with positivity.

One user wrote: 'This is exactly why I am willing to lay down my life, so our future posterity does not have to stare into the face of Tyranny.'

The video seems to be touching the hearts of many. Independent Journal Review even writes, 'It Will Overwhelm You,' and 'Stirring stuff that gives you hope for the future of America.'

The YouTube description explains April is the Month of the Military Child.

According to the website for The Month of the Military Child, it's meant to recognize 'the contribution that the military child makes as their parent or parents serve our nation.'

Check out the full video here: