Hot air balloon hits power line right after proposal

Hot Air Balloon Hits Power Line Right After Proposal
Hot Air Balloon Hits Power Line Right After Proposal

During wedding proposals, sparks are usually flying from excitement. But as "CBS This Morning" explains, one couple from Indiana experienced a VERY different type of spark.

'Right after a man asked his his girlfriend to marry him, the balloon hit a power line.'

As you can imagine, this wasn't their idea of romance. "Good Morning America" reports the couple was obviously taken by surprise.

'The happy couple snapping these pictures just minutes before.'

Luckily, the balloon managed to land in an open field, and the local fire department tweeted that nobody was injured.

Later the couple shared some details from the terrifying experience.

'We were all crouched down in the basket. All we saw was sparks fall around us, and felt the sparks.'

According to "Fox & Friends," six people were inside the basket when this happened.

No word on why the balloon crashed, but the Federal Aviation Administration is now investigating.