Former homeless woman attempts to break truck-pulling world record in heels

Former Homeless Woman Attempts to Break Truck-Pulling World Record in Heels
Former Homeless Woman Attempts to Break Truck-Pulling World Record in Heels

Talk about a woman who's fearless in heels! Lia Grimanis recently attempted to break the world record for pulling a heavy vehicle- in a pair of stilettos.

She's long been known for pulling trucks with her bare hands, but the story of how she got to this point is also interesting.

'When I was homeless, I have to say that I actually didn't think my life would turn into anything.'

According to the Toronto Star, Grimanis, who is from Canada, escaped an abusive home at age 18 with nothing more than the clothes she was wearing. She told herself she would fulfill her big dreams and eventually share her story of success with women in need.

Grimanis got her first taste of heavy-lifting when she began running rickshaws. She even founded her own rickshaw company before landing a six-figure sales job at a software company, according to the Beach Metro.

Today, Grimanis is sharing her story in hopes of inspiring other struggling women.

Grimanis has created "Up With Women," a nonprofit dedicated to empowering homeless women and girls.

Grimanis says pulling rickshaws was how she pulled herself out of poverty, and now she's "pulling" other women out of poverty too -- by hauling trucks. She told the "Today" show her training is somewhat embarrassing.

'It's the most humiliating thing actually, because I go into a parking lot and I tie myself to my car.'

Grimanis attempted to break the world record for pulling the heaviest truck while wearing heels on Monday.

Unfortunately, Grimanis couldn't get those darn heels to stop slipping, but she's already a record-holder in other events.

According to the World Record Academy, Grimanis broke the world record for the heaviest vehicle pulled 100 feet by a woman.

The truck weighed a whopping 17,000 pounds! She earned that title in December 2013.

This latest attempt in heels not only raised awareness, but also $25,000 for a nonprofit called Women In Need, which provides resources for homeless women and children in New York City.

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