WATCH: Car slams into store, narrowly misses elderly woman

WATCH: Car Slams Into Store, Narrowly Misses Elderly Woman
WATCH: Car Slams Into Store, Narrowly Misses Elderly Woman

An 80-year-old woman in Florida was just inches from being run over while she was shopping inside a drug store. "Fox & Friends" has the surveillance video.

'Everything seems pretty calm inside as a woman pushes her shopping cart in front of the counter. But just as she backs up, a car comes crashing right through the front of the store, narrowly missing her.'

WPTV says the driver, 84-year-old Margaret Underwood, had just backed up into another car in the parking lot before mistakenly hitting the gas and plowing into the store, nearly slamming into 80-year-old Adrienne Watkins.

According to Bay News 9, both women were just fine aside from a few cuts and bruises, and Adrienne Watkins says she's thanking a higher power for this.

'I looked up and I thought, 'Oh God, you've taken care of me. Thank you.' He was really working.'

WFLA explains the CVS drugstore was not so lucky.

'It caused more than $65,000 in damages to the store and at least a day closed for repairs.'

Despite the scare, Watkins joked the incident prevented her from indulging in the sweets at the counter.

'Looking at some candy, which I should not have been, so I guess God was telling me, you know, 'Don't do it.'

Police gave Underwood a ticket for improper backing and careless driving.