TSA agent risks life to save woman who fell on Chicago train tracks

TSA Agent Risks Life to Save Woman Who Fell on Chicago Train Tracks
TSA Agent Risks Life to Save Woman Who Fell on Chicago Train Tracks

A TSA agent out of Chicago is being called "America-strong" after his courageous act of heroism was caught on camera. Here's "CBS This Morning."

'Eddie Palacios, seen here in the orange sweatshirt, jumped in front of an oncoming subway Wednesday to help a woman who fell onto the tracks.'

Palacios was able to get the attention of the train driver just in the nick of time -- the train stopped no more than 20 feet in front of the woman. He told the Chicago Tribune what happened next:

'She was able to orient herself to get on her feet to walk back close to the platform so they could pull her up. There were two or three people trying to pull her up from the bottom of the train tracks where she was at.'

He tells ABC not to call him a hero.

PALACIOS: 'I really don't think that I'm a hero. I did what I thought was best.'
REPORTER: 'But look at how many people were on that platform -- Eddie's the only one who jumped onto the tracks.'

WMAQ spoke with Jon Hansen, who happened to be at the train station when the incident occurred.

'It almost seemed to him like it was his duty, and he didn't think anything of it. And he wasn't looking for praise, he immediately got on the train when it got to the station and left like nothing. It was really quite an act of heroism.'

Palacios said he never got the name of the woman who fell onto the tracks. After the incident, she was taken to the hospital for some minor injuries.