Teen drops phone in drain, gets stuck trying to retrieve it

Teen Drops Phone in Drain, Gets Stuck Trying to Retrieve It
Teen Drops Phone in Drain, Gets Stuck Trying to Retrieve It

Well, this next story is pretty embarrassing. A British teen dropped her phone in a drain ... then "Fox & Friends" reports she tried to go after it. Let's just say we wouldn't be doing this story if it ended well.

'The 16-year-old says the phone slipped in the drain while she put it in her pocket. She was able to get in and grab her phone, but she got stuck while she was trying to get out. It took firefighters ten minutes to pull her out.'

"Good Morning America" reports that while her ego might have been bruised, 16-year-old Ella is just fine.

'Three firefighters had to rescue her, she wasn't hurt. She laughed it off.'

KentOnline reports the teen's mother was shocked and scared when she first learned Ella was stuck, but she then snapped some photos and joked that she'd pull them out for Ella's 18th birthday and wedding day.

The "Today" show anchors bantered about whether they would go after the phone. The answer was pretty much unanimous ... no.

'Ella fortunately escaped unscathed. But the same can't be said about her phone. It's now broken, obviously.'

'It's a sewer! She dropped it down a sewer, that phone is gone!'

The hosts of ITV's "Daybreak" spoke with Ella herself, who said she wouldn't fare well without a phone.

REPORTER: 'How are you going to manage without it?'
ELLA: 'Horribly.'

But, thankfully for her, the anchors took pity on Ella and gave her a new phone in exchange for her promise not to do anything that "daft" again.

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