Nicole Brown Simpson's younger sister speaks out

Nicole Brown Simpson's Younger Sister Speaks Out
Nicole Brown Simpson's Younger Sister Speaks Out

Nicole Brown Simpson's younger sister, Tanya Brown, spoke to Katie Couric about her depression, her relationship with O.J. Simpson and why she's now opening up about a difficult time in her life.

"I wasn't ready. I was a young 24. I was 18 going on 24. I wasn't ready I was a mess. I kind of plowed through my life. Life had to go on for me."

It's been two decades since the trial in which O.J. Simpson was acquitted of murdering Nicole Brown Simpson. As you can see on CNN, the case dominated the headlines nationwide, but Tanya Brown stayed out of the limelight.

Brown explains what was going on in her life during the trial in her new book titled "Finding Peace Amid The Chaos: My Escape from Depression and Suicide."

Brown told Katie she went to the crime scene the day after her sister was murdered. She says she saw melted ice cream on the table and there was fingerprint dust everywhere, and she became overwhelmed and got sick.

Initially Brown says she didn't believe Simpson killed her sister because she always saw him as a warm and friendly family member.

But now she says, looking back, there were some big indicators that Simpson might have abused her sister.

She said Nicole would always wear sunglasses, even at night and passed up the opportunity to visit The White House because of a suspicious back injury.

As for Brown's book, you can find a copy on Amazon going for around $12.