Do fleeing bison predict a Yellowstone eruption?

Do Fleeing Bison Predict A Yellowstone Eruption?
Do Fleeing Bison Predict A Yellowstone Eruption?

Scientists say you shouldn't worry about a massive volcanic eruption at Yellowstone National Park after a recently posted YouTube video got some people fearing The worst.

It happened after this YouTube / Yellowstone Leo video of bison running down the street at Yellowstone was posted online. Many started speculating the bison were running away from the park's supervolcano - ultimately predicting a massive eruption.

The original YouTube video has gotten more than 130,000 views, but another account reposted it. That version, with the caption "buffalo running for their lives," has gone viral with more than a million views in the past two weeks.

The Los Angeles Times notes the theory that the bison were running away from danger gained more momentum after a 4.8 magnitude earthquake hit Yellowstone on Sunday.

KMSP points out it was the park's largest earthquake in nearly 40 years. Still, scientists say there isn't much to worry about, especially since the supervolcano hasn't erupted in more than 600,000 years.

In a statement last month, the U.S. Geological Survey said the volcano's alert level stood at normal and added that ground deformation is common in the park. The USGS says deformation isn't a sign of volcanic activity.

The man who originally posted the video of the bison running didn't think twice about any danger in the first place. In his video's description, he wrote: "every Spring I am blessed to witness them running ... running for the sheer joy of being able to!"

KMSP reports the supervolcano at Yellowstone has only erupted three times in more than 2 million years.