Boy, 5, finds stash of stolen treasure in pond

Boy Finds Treasure In Pond
Boy Finds Treasure In Pond

There might actually be something to all of those bedtime stories about hidden treasure you heard when you were younger.

At least that's the case for a 5-year-old boy in Nuremberg who found a stash of jewelry hidden in a pond in a village in Bavaria.

The Local reports "the boy was poking around with a stick in the water and cried out to his parents when he saw something glittering. The family started taking necklace after necklace out of the water before finding a bag full of jewelery."

At first, police estimated it to be worth just under $14,000. Friday, a spokesperson said the find was worth MANY times that. But it wasn't a case of "finders keepers" unfortunately. Turns out the jewelry was stolen and authorities returned it to the owner.

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