Arsenic in well water could lower IQ

Arsenic in Well Water Could Lower IQ
Arsenic in Well Water Could Lower IQ

Could your tap water lower your IQ? Well, a recent study says it's possible if there's arsenic in it.

'The kids who were exposed to even a small amount of arsenic seemed to score lower on their IQ tests,' HLN reported.

The study focused on 272 kids exposed to arsenic in well water in Maine. It was conducted by scientists from Columbia University and the University of New Hampshire over the span of 5 years.

According to the Portland Press Herald, they found that even at low levels, exposure to arsenic correlated with lower results on an IQ tests. The difference was up to five or six points.

However, it's no reason to start buying copious amounts of bottled water and never touch a shower again.

One of the researchers who coordinated the testing, Professor Amy Schwartz from the University of New Hampshire, said, 'This is a great piece of public health research. People shouldn't panic, but be informed.'

'Arsenic occurs naturally in groundwater, researchers recommend people who rely on wells should invest in a filtration system.'

People seem to be responding to the issue in a humorous manner after the Portland Press Herald tweeted a link to the article. One user said 'That explains it.' Another responded with, 'Another reason to slam the Dew!' So use those Britta water filters to keep your noggin' sharp.

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