George Lopez: "I'm not anywhere near a Saint!"

George Lopez Makes No Excuses About His Past
George Lopez Makes No Excuses About His Past

We already know George Lopez is candid to a fault whether it was on his first sitcom in 2002 "The George Lopez Show" or on his old late night show "Lopez Tonight" which went off the air in 2011. Anyone who's seen his stand-up performances knows he openly addresses his personal trials and tribulations in a flurry of comedic genius.

Divorce, troubles with alcohol and scars from his past still plague him today. So then, if his new sitcom on FX is based on his fractured life, why would he call it "Saint George"? When he sat down with's Brian Balthazar, he admitted the title isn't befitting of his real life actions but he's setting a course.

"I'm not anywhere near a Saint, Brian!" Lopez said with a smile. "I've made a tremendous amount of mistakes and I'm learning from them, but you know, you don't become a Saint until you die. So my road to Sainthood is cleaned up and... I don't think anyone wants to live like a Saint but I've had some tremendous times and I'm better now than I was a month ago."

Lopez is talking about an incident a month prior when he literally fell victim to one too many drinks while at a casino in Canada. The unfortunate moment made headlines as an embarrassing photo of him on the floor of the casino circulated online. But, in pure George Lopez fashion, he took to "The Ellen Degeneres Show" and joked about the misstep. He tells, he believes in facing the music with humor and humility.

"You know, what happened in Canada made me really take an honest look at my relationship with alcohol which had never been good. I'll tell you this, alcohol will win every time. So realizing that I have never had a drink since I got up," said Lopez. "If you have done something wrong get in front of it. Own it, say I'm sorry! It works in relationships, it works in Hollywood... Just get in front of it, take the teeth out of it, take the claws out of it and then you don't have a story. Yeah, it's embarrassing to me. But also, I'm a comedian so you use it for what all the great comedians have used it for - material - but if it happens again, Brian, then I look sad. And I don't want to look sad. I am human but I don't want to look like I'm not in control of myself...again."

Lopez says he's back on his feet after the incident saying alcohol is now in his past. "I think it's a better story that since I got up I haven't touched a drop of alcohol nor do I want to. I've had a great time without it."

Lopez says he's ready to laugh at his real life ups and downs and is excited to return to living rooms across the country. "I like the sitcom life. It's an honor to be on TV. It's even more of an honor when your show gets liked by people... I had to go back and try it at least one more time."

We're glad you did, George! Check out the hilarious George Lopez on "Saint George" Thursday nights at 9pm on FX.