Family has an unlikely pet kangaroo

Family Has an Unlikely Pet Kangaroo
Family Has an Unlikely Pet Kangaroo

A Virginia author and her family have a very unlikely pet ... a kangaroo named Boomeroo. The "Today" show has their story.

'With help from the USDA, Julia and her husband Jason adopted a 3-week-old kangaroo from a farm in Texas, bringing her storybook character to life.'

Julia Heckathorn writes children's books, and her kangaroo character isn't fictional.

WRC-TV says 'Heckathorn is a children's author and takes Boomeroo with her when she goes to visit schools, hoping to teach kids a little more about nature.'

'The down home marsupial lived in the couple's house.'

That is, until she grew too big. Now, Boomeroo lives in a temperature controlled barn in the family's garden and often plays with the couple's cat.

And the jumping kanga also, get this, adores wearing shirts. Daily Mail reports Boomeroo even has her own closet full of 'em.

'She says Boomeroo loves to wear human clothes and even has her own wardrobe full of tops and dresses that have been specifically purchased from baby stores for her.'

The couple's lively animal brood doesn't end there - they also have an anteater and four sugar glider possums.

That sounds like one household we would love to visit! Oh, and where can we sign up to adopt a pet kangaroo?!