Family brought to tears by 'Save My Bakery' makeover

Family Brought To Tears By 'Save My Bakery' Makeover
Family Brought To Tears By 'Save My Bakery' Makeover

On "Save My Bakery," Kerry Vincent swooped into Nazareth, Pennsylvania, to give Schubert's Bakery a much-needed overhaul.

Steve Riccelli took over the shop seven years ago -- it was his dream to own a bakery, but that dream was turning into a nightmare. Steve wiped out his savings to get the bakery up and running, and sales have since dropped off. Steve was spending seven days a week at the shop to make ends meet, and admitted he was burnt out.

With a little tough love, a few tense fights, some recipe updates and training of the bakery's so-called incompetent staff, Kerry turned the bakery from a dingy hole-in-the-wall to a destination for locals and tourists. Steve's wife, A.J., couldn't believe it. In fact, she began to cry the moment she saw the makeover.

KERRY: "I know that this has had a profound effect on you, and a few tears every once in a while when they're good ones, it's worthwhile."
A.J.: "Thank you. So much."

A.J. couldn't help but smile -- she was finally getting her husband back from the bakery. Kerry's makeover included a total redesign, with a new color scheme, updated appliances and new displays. Steve couldn't have been happier.

He told The Express-Times, the experience was well worth it.

"We were definitely overwhelmed. These people are pros in every respect ... we had a lot of fun that week, even though it was the coldest week of the year ... they actually pulled [it] off and did a wonderful job with it."

Fans thought so, too -- they were loving the episode and Schubert's new look.