Elephant shot in drive-by returns to circus stage

Elephant Shot in Drive-by Returns to Circus Stage
Elephant Shot in Drive-by Returns to Circus Stage

An elephant is returning to what she does best a year after being attacked in a drive-by shooting.

Carol, the 7,535 lb. Asian elephant was hit by a single bullet last year when someone targeted her.

Coincidentally, 40-year-old Carol's first performance since the shooting was in the same place in Tupelo, Mississippi, where her terrifying ordeal occurred. WMC-TV explains what happened that night back in April 2013.

'A single bullet entered Carol's right side. A few inches lower or a few inches closer to her head and Carol could have died. After Carol was shot, she was taken to Missouri where she was treated.'

Carol returned to the ring Tuesday, and her handlers weren't the only ones on hand to celebrate.

WTVA says 'Tupelo first responders and a couple of bite-size heroes faced with long-term illness were, too. How does it feel to be a superhero? Awesome.'

Although Carol's circus family is excited to see her return, more than 16,000 people have petitioned for Carol's retirement.

The Change.org petition reads, 'Please sign this to show Ringling Bros that you are against them putting Carol on tour after she was just shot in a drive-by. This is the least they can do when these animals are out there performing their entire lives for the circus.'

The person who shot Carol still hasn't been identified, and Tupelo police say this case can't be solved without a tip. The reward for finding the person responsible stands at roughly $34,000.