Alex Preston Impresses With Original Song On 'American Idol'

Alex Preston Impresses With Original Song On 'American Idol'
With only eight contestants left on "American Idol," the competition was steep - so to stand out, one artist chose to sing an original song.

Alex Preston closed out the night with a song he wrote about a girl, called "Fairytales." The judges loved his performance -- saying Alex has always stayed true to himself and looks very comfortable on stage.

Guardian Liberty Voice was also impressed --saying Alex has a spectacular voice and stage presence.

"[Alex] sings with so many nuances. The audience clapped along as he sang and played his guitar. He has an incredible vocal range ... and sang with a ton of emotion in his voice."

TV Fanatic agreed -- saying Alex is incredibly talented singer and musician who has a bright future ahead of him.

"There's nothing about this guy I don't love. He knows that he's talented but he doesn't seem cocky about it in interviews. And he IS talented. This is another moment where we're seeing him step into his own as a legitimate musician with the band behind his song."
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