Snake on a train causes evacuation

Snake on a Train Causes Evacuation
Snake on a Train Causes Evacuation

OK, cue the 'snakes on a plane' jokes: a snake on a train caused a major ruckus in Switzerland.

'A 20-inch snake slithered into a Swiss passenger train causing complete chaos; 450 passengers were evacuated because of this guy before police finally captured it,' 'GMA' reported.

Daily Mail reports the snake was spotted on an early-morning train. It was set to travel from Bern to Basel on Switzerland's main railway.The Bern police eventually caught the slippery sucker in a ventilation shaft on the train. Luckily, garter snakes aren't venomous.

It's pretty odd to find one in Switzerland - they're native to North America. SnakeBytesTV explains, 'They're the most distributed reptile in North America, and the only snake that inhabits Alaska.'

That's why authorities think a passenger brought the snake on the train as a pet, and it got loose. If only Samuel L. Jackson had been there ...