Incredible survival after chainsaw accident

Man Survives Chainsaw In Neck, Centimeter From Vital Artery
Man Survives Chainsaw In Neck, Centimeter From Vital Artery

A Pennsylvania man is lucky to be alive after he survived a chainsaw through his neck, just a centimeter away from a vital artery.

CNN noted that"The 21-year-old tree cutter was taking down a tree in Ross Township Monday. He was cutting at an unusual angle to avoid powerlines. ... The blade of the chainsaw went into his left shoulder and into his neck."

His doctor explained to WPXI he missed every important structure, mainly hitting muscle, soft tissue and skin. James Valentine realizes it definitely could have been a lot worse.

The blade and chain had to stay in Valentine's neck until he got to the hospital so he wouldn't suffer any major blood loss.

KVLY reports "Valentine is in stable condition after surgery. It took about 30 stitches to close his wounds. I would have thought it would have taken more. That's incredible!"

Valentine says he's thankful for his friends that helped him down from the tree. However, he isn't deterred from his work and plans to go back as soon as he can.