Dad moves daughter's belongings to driveway to teach a lesson

Dad Moves Daughter's Belongings to Driveway to Teach a Lesson
Dad Moves Daughter's Belongings to Driveway to Teach a Lesson

Do you know of someone who could use a little "push" to get their room tidied up? Well, "Good Morning America" tells us about a dad in Georgia who might have found a successful method.

'He moved everything out of her bedroom into the driveway. Even her bed!'

Craig Schlichenmeyer is the girl's dad and the mastermind behind this strategy. He knows a thing or two about completing commands.

'This is a soldier from Fort Hood and he warned her, clean up your room or you're gonna be treated like a soldier.'

Schlichenmeyer's daughter Haley was at school during her room's relocation, so he labeled her "new room" with a sign.

'He posted this sign in front of everything explaining what he had done. It says, Haley's room has been moved to the driveway. Clean it up next time!'

He told WSAV he tried this tactic after his daughter "wouldn't listen." He says Haley was initially upset, but it worked out for both of them in the end.

Although this lesson might seem more extreme than other routes he could've taken, Schlichenmeyer tells WTOL the reasoning behind his actions.

'My intention was just to surprise her a little bit and let her know that we were serious about taking ownership.'

WTOL reports Schlichenmeyer speaks very highly of Haley's character.

'The father says that his daughter is a wonderful girl and great student.'

Haley is an honor roll student, in fact. WJXT tells us they're now in the process of painting her room--her real room, that is--in hopes of inspiring her to keep it neat.