Band of men pick up and move entire house by hand

Band of Men Pick Up and Move Entire House by Hand
Band of Men Pick Up and Move Entire House by Hand

A group of 80 men in Pennsylvania teamed up to help their neighbor move. However, it's likely not what you're envisioning.

'They lift an entire house in just five minutes, they carry it using sheer manpower alone, following Amish customs, no machines can be used. So they hoisted it onto that concrete base.'

The man who says he took the video wrote on Facebook it happened while he was looking out the window and drinking a beer.

One person even suggested he upload the video to YouTube, saying it would go viral, and he was right. The video posted on YouTube is at 18,000 views and counting. The person who uploaded it wrote, 'Have you ever seen 80 Amish pick up a house and move it? Only in Sparty PA.'

it is an impressive feat. The men pick up the house like it's made of cardboard and move it onto the foundation. The relocation was complete in less than six minutes.The house might have a few scratches, though.

'The bottom of it did get a little dinged up, but no serious damage done.'

'An incredible effort by those guys.'

Incredible effort, indeed - we're not sure our office would fare quite as well.

Check out the full video here: