Pizza delivery guy gets awesome surprise

Delivery Man Gets Tip Next Day
Delivery Man Gets Tip Next Day

Usually it's the pizza delivery guys doing the delivering, but one Papa John's worker in Oregon got a very special delivery himself.

25-year-old Andrew Shaffer told Good Morning America he was kind of disappointed after he delivered a pizza to a couple one evening. They only gave him $23 for a $22.67 pizza - not much of a tip.

But the next day, that disappointment turned into utter surprise.

He told 'GMA' he walked into work and his boss wanted to talk to him. At first, Andrew feared he had done something wrong, though he couldn't remember being rude in the slightest. Then, he was handed a handmade 'Thank You' note with $20 inside. It was from the couple who had failed to tip him the night before.

It read, "We would like to apologize for our impaired math skills and thank you for the work you do. We appreciate it immensely."

This isn't the first generous tip that has made the news. Last year,a woman paid for a waitress' dream vacation to Italy by leaving a $1,000 tip on a $60 tab, and few bartenders in Utah got a $5,000 tip on a bill that was barely more than $200.

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