Lisa Marie Presley slims down to her teenage weight

Lisa Marie Presley Slims Down to Her Teenage Weight
Lisa Marie Presley Slims Down to Her Teenage Weight

Lisa Marie Presley is looking leaner and just as fabulous as she was as a teenager. "Good Morning America" reports it was actually her famous father who helped her get healthy.

'At 46 years old, she's already outlived her late father. Elvis died at just 42. Now, Presley tells People magazine his health issues are inspiring her to change her life.'

She decided to take action, saying she had tried diet fads in the past, but what ended up working was eating organic food and practicing portion control by eating only half of what she's served.

In a recent interview with People, she said she walks 30 minutes every other day and lifts weights, often with her hubby of eight years. She told the publication:

'I love the way clothes fit right now.'

Presley says she made health a priority in 2012 while on tour. We're sure her 5-year-old twins also keep her running!

Back when Presley was pregnant with the twins, Binside TV reports media outlets had a field day, at first calling her 'fat' before it was revealed she was pregnant.

Well, now she's proved everyone wrong again. Presley says being on the road can get intense and she has to be super disciplined, especially while at Mexican restaurants, since Mexican food is her favorite!