High school senior accepted at eight Ivy League schools

Student Gets Accepted To All 8 Ivy League Universities
Student Gets Accepted To All 8 Ivy League Universities

Kwasi Enin, of Shirley, has been accepted at all eight Ivy League schools to which he applied.

A New York teen has made America's Most Wanted list ... but it's professors - not police - who are after him.

Kwasi Enin, 17, was accepted into ALL EIGHT Ivy League schools!

Enin scored a near-perfect 2250 on the SAT and is in the top 2 percent of his class.

He says he wants to study medicine and become a cardiologist. He hasn't settled on a school just yet, but he did tell Long Island's Newsday he's leaning toward Yale, saying, "They seem to embody all the kinds of things I want in a college. The family. The wonderful education. The amazing diverse students. Financial aid as well."

This is obviously an impressive accomplishment. The Washington Post reports last year - more than 250,000 students applied for one of the eight prestigious schools - which accepted less than 9% of all applicants.

But, what may be an even bigger challenge for Enin: Walmart. Last year the company accepted just 2.6 percent of applicants for jobs in DC. We'd still suggest Enin stick to school for now.