911 phone operator saves her father's life on first day

911 Phone Operator Saves Her Father's Life on First Day
911 Phone Operator Saves Her Father's Life on First Day

Imagine being a 911 operator and hearing your aunt on the other end saying your father has gone into diabetic shock. Well, that was exactly what happened to a woman in Atlanta woman. "Fox & Friends" has more.

'Crystal Morrow was her name, and she was just 4 hours into her first shift on the job' when she got that scary call.

According to WAGA, Morrow had spent months training to be a 911 operator, and it that training quickly paid off.

'Because there were so many people been in the room I didn't think that I would get the call, and it's crazy that I got it on the very first day.' 'She had taken about 40 calls that day but never thought she would hear a familiar voice.'

Morrow was reportedly so calm her aunt didn't even realize she was talking to her niece. WGHP has a recording of the 911 call.

'I will get the paramedics started. Are you with him now?' 'Yes I am.' 'And is he awake?' 'Yes he is.' 'Stay on the line and I will tell you exactly what to do next.'

Morrow sent an ambulance to transport her father, and now he's expected to be just fine.

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