Women of 'Duck Dynasty' tell all in ABC interview

Women of 'Duck Dynasty' Tell All in ABC Interview
Women of 'Duck Dynasty' Tell All in ABC Interview

The ladies of "Duck Dynasty" joined "Good Morning America" to spill some family secrets ... and it turns out, Kay Robertson was pregnant before she married Phil.

'It is so easy for me to be honest now.'

In December, granddaughter Sadie Robertson posted a celebratory tweet, saying 'Pawpaw Phil' finally put a ring on it. Famously religious couple Phil and Kay had been married for 50 years.

As for the revelation, Kay said she feels like God loves her, her family loves her, and so do her fans ... so she's comfortable with putting it all out there.

Other family matters were also mentioned.

The sensitive subject of infidelity was brought up during the interview - Lisa was asked about cheating on her husband, Alan.

'Phil actually advised Alan not [to] take you back.'

'It wasn't that they hated me so much, but it was just the pain that they saw him going through.'

The two briefly separated, but have since worked through their problems.

The women tell all in their new book, 'The Women of Duck Commander,' which also includes Missy's story about daughter Mia, who was born with a cleft palate.

The ladies have been making headlines everywhere. Recently, Fox News spoke with another member of the duck clan, Jessica Robertson, who's married to Jep. She says her husband actually baptized her.

'Jessica said she was going through quite a lot and carrying some unnamed baggage when she met Jep and started going to Bible study groups.'

It's perhaps refreshing the Robertson women are in the news - family patriarch Phil stirred up controversy last year with anti-gay remarks in an interview with GQ.

Kay mentioned that firestorm in the "Good Morning America" interview, saying her husband loves everybody, and they would embrace a gay grandchild.