Don't fall for these April Fools' Day pranks!

If it sounds too good (or ridiculous) to be true today, it probably is. Check back here all day for the latest pranks sweeping the web.

'GMA' staff pranked by a ... bush
'Good Morning America' Pranks Staff with Person Disguised as Shrubbery

Mmm! BuildDirect announces new chocolate flooring
BuildDirect's Chocolate Flooring Is The Sweetest April Fools' Joke

Google introduces Gmail 'shelfies'
Google Introduces Gmail 'Shelfies' On April Fools' Day
Gmail's new sharable selfie, this feature from Google lets users take those amazingly obnoxious selfies that are already on your gmail background and share them with all your co-workers. In a blog post about Gmail's latest, greatest feature, Google also explains how the 'selfie' phenomenon all got started.

Robin Meade pranked by Marlon Wayans, HLN staff
Robin Meade Pranked by Marlon Wayans, HLN Staff

Ted Cruz's 'tattoo' made anchors' jaws drop
Ted Cruz Pranks Fox News, Channels Winston Churchill

Church pulls prank on members
Miss. Church Pranks Congregation with George W. Bush Impersonator

Google wants to make you A Pokémon master
Google Wants To Make You A Pokémon Master For April Fool's

Prank site decides to 'pay it forward' with the sweetest surprises for waitress:
'Prank It Forward' Joke Gives Waitress An Amazing Day

David Hasselhoff selfies
Google Offers David Hasselhoff Photobomb

Fresh Direct's 'eagle-caught' salmon
FreshDirect Offering Eagle-Caught Salmon

The top 3 best promotional pranks
Counting Down April Fool's Best Promotional Pranks

Drew Carey takes over the "Late Late Show"
Drew Carey Takes Over 'The Late Late Show' For April Fools'

10 pranks that went very wrong:
10 April Fools' Pranks That Went Very Wrong
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