Can you make it through this video without yawning?

'Animal Planet Specials': Can You Make It Through This Video Without Yawning?

It seems easy, but we didn't make it past the first round. Heck, we didn't make it past the first few seconds. Can you watch this adorably exhausting video without yawning?

Did you know that younger people are more likely to 'catch' a yawn?

A relatively new study (one of the largest ever to focus on contagious yawning), was published online at PLOS ONE. It found that young people are more apt to "catch" a yawn than older people.

328 participants were asked to watch a three-minute video of people yawning and to keep track of how many times they yawned. Of the 328 participants, 222 contagiously yawned.

While past research has linked empathy, time of day, and intelligence to yawning, the Duke University researchers found no such links.

Oh, and did you know that yawns are actually contagious for dogs, too? A study from the University of Tokyo found dogs yawn more when their owners yawn compared to when strangers do.

Let us know how far you got without yawning in the comments below ... we're going back to bed.
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