Woman who once weighed 79 lbs. saved by strangers

Woman Who Once Weighed 79 Pounds Now Happy, Healthy
Woman Who Once Weighed 79 Pounds Now Happy, Healthy

At just 79 pounds, 23-year-old Lauryn Lax was literally exercising herself to death. That's when nine fellow gym members who had watched her deteriorate stepped in. "Good Morning America" has more on their lifesaving intervention.

'We saw a girl that was about to die. This group of friends and strangers from the gym planned to take Lauryn to the hospital.'

'I call them my angels,' Lauren says.

Those nine strangers surrounded her one morning in August 2011 before one of her daily workouts.

According to The Tennessean, Lax insisted she was okay, but the group wouldn't give up. She finally agreed to let them take her to a nearby hospital in Nashville. Little did she know, her parents were also on their way.

This was only the very beginning of Lax's recovery. When she arrived, doctors said her heart rate was so slow, she might need a pacemaker.

Daily Mail reports Lax spent three days in intensive care before spending three and a half weeks in the cardiac unit and another 11 months at a treatment center.

But that was three years ago and the now 26-year-old Lax is happy, healthy and gearing up to graduate from college in May.

Lax's story has struck a chord with people all over the web. One Facebook user commented,

'What a brave woman to allow her story to be told in the paper. And what angels to step in to save her life!

Another commented on the Daily Mail saying, 'What a transformation! Just shows how great the human race can be with this incredible show of concern and kindness to a complete stranger.'

Lax told "Good Morning America" she hopes to pay it forward by helping those who are also struggling with eating disorders.