Woman's LEGO resume has people talking

Woman's Lego Resume Has People Talking
Woman's Lego Resume Has People Talking

When building her resume, 20-year-old Leah Bowman definitely thought outside the box ... the LEGO box, to be exact! HLN has more about her creative idea.

"A college student made a resume out of LEGOs. She created a Lego version of herself, packaged it like the toy and put a resume inside!"

That'll certainly stand out from the pile. Bowman is majoring in Communication Studies at Northwestern University. She says a potential employer asked her to "create a piece of persuasive advertising with you as the product." Well, she literally did just that!

On Imgur, Bowman notes she wanted a "fun way to stand out to agencies" and, perhaps most importantly, didn't want her resume to just be tossed in the trash. Plus, she's always loved Legos, so that's a bonus.

The Imgur post also notes she's made two sets so far and has customized each with the agency's branding and colors. And as WJXT points out, this isn't the only impressive part.

"It includes assembly instructions to highlight Bowman's skills, creativity and initiatives."

Bowman's Lego idea blew up on Reddit with more than 2,000 comments.

As Bowman continues to make more to send to other agencies, WATE tells us she's already received some feedback.

'She's had some great talks with a couple agencies and is waiting to hear back from a few others.'

We don't know how that resume wouldn't stand out, and to be honest, it kind of puts ours to shame.