University professor attacked with pepper spray during a lecture

Well-Known Professor Pepper Sprayed During Lecture
Well-Known Professor Pepper Sprayed During Lecture

A George Mason University professor was attacked with pepper spray during a lecture Wednesday afternoon at the Arlington campus.

The man who hit the professor with pepper spray during his lecture Wednesday has been identified as Jonathan Pendleton. It turns out he is not even a student at the school.

The suspect, Jonathan Pendleton, was apparenty attempting to make a citizen's arrest. Pendleton is facing serious charges - abduction and assault. He'll get a hearing next month.

WUSA reports Pendleton jumped on a desk, sprayed Cowen and then started chasing him before an off-duty officer subdued him.

According to The Washington Post, a student tried to intervene, but Pendleton hit the student with a stun gun.

Professor Cowen is a popular economist and blogger.

According to some reports, a 'Jonathan Pendleton' commented on the blog earlier this month, saying that he would arrest Cowen if police and the FBI did not.

While Cowen sustained only minor injuries, as WRC-TV reports, several students were affected by the pepper spray.

"Medics had to treat 15 people, including Cowen. No one was seriously hurt but students were sent home for the day."

Strangely enough, Cowen was, at the time of the attack, teaching a class about vigilantism. There is a stronger police presence campus post-attack.