Is there a music video curse for Hollywood couples?

Hollywood's Little-Known Couples Curse
Hollywood's Little-Known Couples Curse

From Madonna and Sean Penn to Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, ET looked at the couples who broke up soon after appearing in music videos together.

Ben Affleck loved himself some "Jenny From the Block" in the video, but not long after this video, they broke up ... just 4 days before their wedding!

Jessica and Nick were another sad casualty of the music video curse. They were very romantic in "Sweetest Sin," but it may have been the kiss of death. That video ends with Nick disappearing, which is a little awkward considering they divorced just two years later.

Wonderwall's managing editor Lisa Ingrassia notes that "tons of high profile couples have made this mistake. Once a famous couple exposes the most intimate moments of their relationshp to the public eye, everybody starts nitpicking them. That creates a lot of pressure in a relationship which ultimately creates a lot of problems."

The music video relationship curse may have started with Madonna and Sean Penn who appeared together in the 1986 video "Live to Tell." Filmed separately for the video, their very public romance very quickly ended in divorce.

Michael Jackson featured his then-wife Lisa Marie Presley in "You Are Not Alone," but their marriage would also end in divorce.